The brand Heidi & Adèle consists of the two designers Heidi Carneau and Adèle Taylor. The brand was launched after over 20 years of friendship between the two designers,  and the focus is on handbags and accessories made from eco-exotic leather.

Their products are a gorgeous combination of Parisian elegance and flirty London exuberance, whilst focusing on simplicity through sustainable sources. Heidi and Adèle are both very passionate about eco-exotic leather and sustainability, and have travelled the world to connect with likeminded suppliers and manufacturers. 


You can find Heidi & Adèle on internet and social media:
Heidi and Adèle's Website

Heidi & Adèle carry a collection within their brand called “The Atlantis collection” which consists of handbags and wallets made from Atlantic Leather's Salmon among other eco-exotic leather such as eel leather.