Our designer of the week, Valentina Tinganelli is a born and raised Icelander with roots in the Italian city Napoli. The half Icelandic/ half Italian designer grew up with one foot in Napoli, spending time with her big Italian family

Valentina Tinganelli



When it came to choosing schools, the designer went with IED Design and Fashion school in Rome, where she later gratuated with honorswith a Bachelor degree in shoe-and accessoriedesign. 

Her final project drew the judge‘s attention, both for the quality of the craftmanship in her handbags and her chosen theme: Icelandic nature and traditions in Italian craftmanship. Today, she tries to intergrade this theme into all her designs, by in any way connecting each piece of design to Iceland whilst having the item handcrafted in Italy.


Valentina Tinganelli can be found on social media: