Last week, our CEO Gunnsteinn Björnsson attended a gala dinner in Hong Kong where the awards "Tannery of the Year" were presented by World Leather Magazine. Atlantic Leather was chosen in the fall of 2015 as one of the finalists for the "Tannery of the Year Awards - Europe Territory", and during the gala we were announced as the winner in our category! 

Gunnsteinn ánægður2.jpg

We are extremely grateful and humble for this honor and extremely proud! These awards are the result of hard work, efficiency and determination in following our goal of innovation and sustainability!

In July 2015, a panel of judges visited Atlantic Leather which inspected our premesis. The judges took into consideration how the tannery process was executed, how the staff was treated, the factory's surroundings and how we benefit our small community.

Atlantic Leather met all standards resulting in us proudly being able to call ourselves "Tannery of the Year - Europe Winner!"